STEP which operates through its sales organization for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning Equipment, was founded in 1996 and was active in Mechanical Contract and materials procurement businesses and it was reorganized in 2000 to offer engineering services and to procure equipment and materials.

STEP Mekanik offers Engineering, System Solutions along with sales services in HVAC equipment in Turkey and in close neighboring countries.

It is a contemporary company which specializes in its areas with its vast experience and information accumulation through applications, which works as a team, which produces quality service in an accurate and timely manner through effective work, which offer solutions complying to national and international standards, which aims at customer satisfaction through its expert staff.

Our company which has proudly procured materials and equipment since 1996, for the most prestigious projects contracted by Turkish companies or joint-ventures with foreign partners both domestically and abroad, strengthens its materials and equipment program through continuously following technological development and continues to procure the most appropriate materials at best prices without compromising from the engineering basics for mechanical application companies and investors.