Energy efficiency and comfort are key features in air conditioning of the office buildings. With a wide product range, Step Mekanik helps you to increase your comfort level as well as the productivity by offering  “the right products for your project with optimum prices”. In addition to increasing comfort and productivity with a healthy working environment, we also empower the energy performance of your building. The result is more productivity, less service costs. 

Step Mekanik gives full support in the design stage of the project to reach healthy and comfortable working environments in energy efficiency way by helping you to select the right system solution with the right products. The architectural design of the project is taken into consideration while choosing the right system and products. Thus the solution would be selected based on not only technical specifications but also aesthetic aspects.  We can also offer solutions to increase the performance of your existing buildings. 

Main products used for offices;

Comfort Air Handling Units Pool Type Air Handling Units Trench Heaters
VAV/CAV Units Underfloor Fancoils Chilled Beam Units
Induction Units Slot Diffusers Special Diffusers / Grilles 
Displacement Diffusers Fire Dampers VAV Diffusers
Air Curtains

30.000 m2 area - 13 floor A class Office Building – Candidate for LEED Gold Certificate
Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems are designed with AL-KO Air Handiling Units for each floor with giving priority to quality, energy efficiency and acoustic criterias. LTG VAV units are used for conditioned supply air distribution for the Office rooms. Each VAV units installed with BacNET communication protocol and system air flow controls successfully done.

ALLIANZ TOWER  - Rönesans Tower
43.000 m2 area - 40 floor A+ class Office building - Candidate for LEED Platinium Certificate
LTG VKB Underfloor Fancoil systems are used for  9 floor that Ronesans Holding use for their own offices. Heating, cooling and displacement ventilation are provided in the perimeter zones by the help of the VKB units. For better comfort criteria, VKB units provide low temperature cooling with integrated condensation pan and lower electricity consumption with EC fan motor technology.
184.500 m2 area – Candidate for LEED v3 Gold Certificate
AL-KO Air Handling Units are used for IS BANK TUTOM Project that are mostly located on the roof (weatherproof). AHUs are selected as suitable for cold smoke extraction without any effciency reduction. Energy recovery rotors and fan efficiencies are selected as optimum for longer life cycle and economic operation. Conditioned supply air are distributed by PRICE quite model VAV terminal units (integrated special silencer system).
Brand and model of the DDC control units, selected by the contractor and mounted / calibrated in PRICE factory with performance guarantee. In the perimeter zones, MINIB conevctors are used to prevent cold drafts and cold surface radiation. In the lobby areas underfloor TELCO electrical trench heaters are preffered to prevent condansation risk on the window surface. On the other hand, decorative LTG slot diffusers are used to prevent air draft and noise. 
142.000m2 area - Candidate for LEED Gold Certificate - Ongoing Project
Garanti Technology Campus is a sustainable office building project which is designed for 4000 people to work. It includes offices, oditorium and training areas, sports centers,  cafeterias and also data center. In open office areas, over 5500 SLT tube diffusers applied after the CFD analyses acc. to nozul position of the slot systems. Air distributed by over 1000 pcs LTG VAV units to the diffuser system 
and to provide better noise values, LTG Pressure Regulators applied successfully before the VAV system line. While fresh air supply provided by these system, room air temperature is controlled by LTG underfloor fancoil system at the facade. In general areas, STEP diffusers/grilles and mechanical CAV units are successfully applied.