Our main Philosophy is to offer the best quality material in international standards at best prices for users. Our goal is to materialize this philosophy of ours, surpass the world standards in quality management and become a leader in its area. The consciousness of being effective, productive and creative for continuous development is the essential principal for all employees. The tools, equipment and all of our products besides the human element, will continue with innovative approaches in accordance with quality standards and customer requirements, to keep the standards of our services at maximum level and to be able to give that kind of service continuously.

Our goal is to meet the customer demands the best and the fastest way possible, to select the most economical material appropriate for their projects, to price it and to answer technical questions, and to make sure that the ordered equipment or material is brought to the application area as soon as possible.

Conclusively, the goal of STEP Mekanik A.S. is :

To increase the quality of services it offers and to increase its work performance continuously by using its resources the most effective way.
To improve the employees' development continuously through supervising their satisfaction and training needs .
To aim the development of our products in accordance with national and international quality standards and customer requirements.
To maintain a systematic, customer oriented management style which is continuously innovative and developing with proactive approach .
To associate Step and its employees with "Reliability" and "Superior Quality" by the customers.
To obtain the continuity of our services in accordance with the customer requirements, these goals and principles through effective communications.
To make intensive efforts for the preservation and continuity of reliability and prestige that have been developed through our work with all institutions and organizations will continue to be our main philosophy.

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