Air Distribution CFD Analyzes

In places where air distribution is critical or required to be ensured, Step Mekanik has CFD Analyze service for certain diffuser models.

Firstly, the space which is going to be conditioned is modeled in detail.  Then, selected diffusers are placed appropriately. After entering all required parameters; air characteristics, temperature and velocity distributions are analyzed and by these analyzes it will be possible to see how system is going to work. An important time is saved for testing the system thanks to the CFD simulation which eliminates constructions of place in real environment and testing it.

System Acoustic Sufficiency Analyzes

Creating an acoustically suitable environment is one of important considerations in comfort oriented solutions. To reach an acoustically suitable environment, all products selected during the design stage of the project should satisfy the noise level criteria or sound attenuators should be used in existing systems.

The noise level for a recipient in a space is calculated by using sound power level specified by manufactures of all products, geometrical and technical specifications of air ducts, specifications of diffusers chosen and architectural details of space. After calculation of all attenuation, the noise level for each octave band is determined. The noise level which recipient hears is determined according to NC criteria by logarithmic calculations made depending on sound source quantities. 

Step Mekanik offers Acoustic Analyze Report for its products by working with project design teams.