Low velocity terminals, generally mounted at low level, create a low-turbulence displacement flow of cool air. The heated and partially polluted room air is not mixed with the supply air but is displaced from the occupied zone and ‘plumes‘ to high level, where it is extracted. The outlet surface normally consists of perforated plate (round hole or slot) or strainers/wires. The finer the hole, the lower the turbulence. In particular in the case of narrow or congested room conditions SLT low velocity terminals allow for individual flow adjustment with the approved round equalizing nozzle, individually pivotable, allowing for example lifting and spreading of the jet. The even flow through the front plate remains unaffected. The product range VQA- comprises of low velocity diffusers in different forms (flat, round, half-round, quarter-round etc.) and sizes, manufactured to requirements. To special design, it is possible to adapt the diffuser with front plates made of stone, marble, wood or stainless steel.